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We realise that in Scotland a good cuppa tea also goes down a storm, that's why we have decided to supply the aptly named Storm tea. This is an exquisite blend of certified Organic Assam and Ceylon tea leafs that are combined to produce one of the best teas you will ever taste, available in a wide selection of speciality flavours ranging from the classic English Breakfast, through to the mouth-watering organic blend of Red Berry and Rose. We can supply this selection either in beautifully boxed retail packs, ideal for front of house displays, or alternatively we can supply larger catering packs for our thirstier customers.

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Based in Glasgow we are the complete hot beverage solution to businesses throughout the country.

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Amano Tea
Storm Tea

Storm Tea

If you're looking for the finest loose leaf tea and you prefer the idea of an Organic blend, then Storm is the tea for you!

It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to produce a tea that tastes this good, Storm have scoured the globe to ensure that only the finest selection of tea leafs are used in these delicious brews. Storm have displayed an unrivalled passion and commitment to excellence that has in turn ensured an unrivalled taste and experience for the consumers. To give you just a small insight into the scope of this commitment to excellence Storm organic Camomile and Peppermint tea has been sourced from Egypt, the organic Rooibos from South Africa and the organic Earl Grey tea leaves originate from India. It is this true devotion to excellence that is what makes Storm Tea really stand apart from all other teas.

The entire range of Storm Tea has been fully certified organic by the Soil Association and is available in a fantastic selection of flavours. These range from the crisp fresh taste of the Peppermint Tea brimming with natural oils through to the gentle taste of the Chinese Chun Mee Green Tea. The delicately scented Earl Grey is exquisite and has a beautiful zesty lemon taste that will leave you completely refreshed. So whatever your preference is you can be sure that you will find a tea to match your taste buds among our Storm Tea range.

Black Label

Black Label Catering Tea Bags

Our popular range of Black Label Superior Tea come in larger styled catering packs of 1100 tea bags. This is a fine brew that is packed with high quality tea leaves to ensure a real strong cuppa.


Liptons Tagged Tea

Amano also supply Lipton Tag and Envelope tea collection, not only because they taste exceptional but also as Lipton was founded by a Glaswegian called Sir Thomas Lipton. Born in Glasgow in 1850, Sir Thomas Liptons meteoric rise over a few decades ensured that his name became synonymous with quality tea.

His passion and devotion for the perfect blend of teas took him to every corner of the world and his reputation grew so much that he supplied tea to Queen Victoria and many of the European royal families.

Thanks to him, Lipton is now the World Leader in this field and present in more than 150 countries.

We supply a wide selection of the many refreshing teas that Liptons offer these are beautifully presented in individually packed Tag & Envelope style which are ideal for all locations looking to add that little bit of luxury to your customer’s experience.

Among the many varieties we offer are Liptons Green Tea, Red Fruits Tea, English Breakfast Tea and Earl Grey Tea.