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Amano have partnered with Kimbo Espresso Italiano whose name is synonymous throughout Italy with quality coffee, we feel that this brand best epitomises a true Italian Espresso experience. Naples is widely regarded as the world coffee capital, this is due to the Neapolitans vast knowledge and experience that has been accumulated over centuries by selecting the highest quality green coffee beans and the art of roasting and blending these to perfection using the techniques that have been passed down through generations. So what a better place to start when looking for a great cup of coffee, once in Naples it was fairly clear who the locals regarded as the masters of this great art...Kimbo!! Our search was over.

We offer the full range of Kimbo products that are available as coffee beans, filter coffee or espresso pods. An extensive range of exquisite beans are available in either beautifully presented 3kg tins and 1kg bags, and the filter coffee is available in both retail packs that are ideal for the office or at home as well as larger styled catering bulk brew packs. In addition to this we offer the conveniently packaged ESE espresso pods that are perfect for using in home and professional pod machines, providing the perfect dosage to create exceptional coffee based drinks.

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Based in Glasgow we are the complete hot beverage solution to businesses throughout the country.

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Amano Kimbo Espresso

Detailed below is a small selection of our most popular products; however we stock a more extensive selection of all of Kimbo products including Decaffeinated blends and can provide further details upon request.

Coffee Beans


Rich premium blend of predominately Arabica coffee beans from both the Americas and Asia which are medium roasted to reveal an intense aroma and a complex depth of flavour. This coffee provides a full-bodied and smooth flavour and is beautiful served as either an Espresso or as a Cappuccino or Latte.


A top notch blend of mostly Arabica beans picked from the best farms across the Highlands of Brazil, Asia and South America, the choice of the coffee connoisseur. This light roast produces a sweet, smooth seductive flavour and creates the most beautiful of aromas. Kimbo Superior appeals to the more refined palate and is fast gaining numerous fans within the fine dining sector of the UK.

Extra Cream

This blend of high grade Arabica-Robusta beans from Brazil, Central America and Asia is a medium roast profile coffee and is our bestselling blend within the UK market.

We all love our milky coffees here in the UK, and the Extra Cream mixes perfectly with milk to produce delightful Cappuccinos and Lattes, and after all it is Kimbo so it goes without saying that it also produces exceptional espressos.

This blend produces a delightful full-bodied coffee with a fine spicy aroma and a splendid harmonious flavour, the share of Robusta in it produces a fantastically dense crema. It is not by chance that this coffee is Kimbo's bestselling UK blend.

Integrity Rainforest Alliance 100% Arabica

The espresso that speaks to both the palate and the heart; 100% Arabica beans and the spirit of supporting the excellent Rainforest Alliance project within the growing regions.

This medium roasted coffee, has a lighter body to combine a sweet flavour with a delicate level of acidity. We are proud that the Italians have chosen the UK as the launch base of this exciting new blend for the HORECA markets.

Filter Coffee

Espresso Napoletano

The special fine grind and the traditional dark neapolitan roasting gives Espresso Napoletano its finely balanced acidity, aromatic substance and full-bodied flavour. An expertly crafted coffee that is slowly and gently roasted in a rotating drum that contributes to perfection.

No Neapolitan would contemplate going on holiday without their emergency reserve of Kimbo Espresso Napolitano, once you try this delicious blend you will understand why.

Kimbo Espresso Napoletano is the number one office coffee!!

Coffee Pods

Kimbo Napolitano - Pods

Espresso pods for a home or professional pod machine. These are espresso pods ESE type, perfect Italian espresso made in Naples. This classic Neapolitan intense and full bodied roast is perfect to kick start your day, and as this comes in convenient ESE Pods you will get the perfect dosage to help you make it with eyes still closed. Pods are also available in either decaf or 100% Arabica blend.