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To complete our drinks range we also offer a choice of delicious Zuma and Galaxy Hot Chocolates, both of these products are absolutely devine and we feel that they really complement the rest of our drinks range by maintaining the quality theme that runs through the entire Amano philosophy.

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Based in Glasgow we are the complete hot beverage solution to businesses throughout the country.

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Zuma Hot Chocolate

Our Zuma Hot Chocolate range is available in a number of options, all selected from the finest cocoa beans from around the world to produce beautifully indulgent and creamy hot chocolate drinks. This richer European styled hot chocolate has been selected by Amano as it fits perfectly with the rest of our high quality continental range of products.

We supply the original Zuma chocolate as well as an ethical Fairtrade version of the same drink that will ease you and your customers consciences, as you can rest assured that the farmers who pick the cocoa and the sugar for this wonderful drink have had a fair price for their products.

Galaxy Hot Chocolate

Another great addition to our product range is the delicious Galaxy Hot Chocolate, this works exceptionally well in vending or dispensing machines as well as being mixed by hand to produce the unmistakeable smooth creamy Galaxy taste that we all know and love so well.

Zuma Chai Latte

As our taste buds have matured in the UK our customers' expectations have also, however this fantastic Zuma Chai latte will exceed even the fussiest of customers' expectations. This delicious combination of spicy milky tea is infused with numerous spices from around India to create a drink that will relax your customers as their taste buds are tantalised by the mix of cinnamon, ginger, pepper and cardamom to just let all the stresses of life fade away. A great winter drink that has a Christmassy feel to it, but can also be enjoyed all year round.

Sugar & Milk

It goes without saying; if you sell tea and coffee then your customers' are going to expect the option of adding sugar and milk.

We supply a range of Fairtrade sugars to cater for all requirements as well as the delicious Milfresh granulated Milk that is designed particularly for vending and dispensing machines. This is 100% semi-skimmed milk and is virtually fat free, and more importantly tastes superb when mixed with either tea or coffee.

Paper Cups & Lids

Amano supply a wide range of take away paper cups so that your customers can enjoy our delightful drinks on the move.

We offer a large selection of ripple cups, double walled cups, triple walled cups and plain white cups all are available in either 4oz espresso, 9oz, 12oz and 16oz and can purchased with matching lids.