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Here at Amano we have also introduced our own range of gourmet coffees, selected from the finest green beans mainly sourced from South America which is renowned for producing the highest quality Arabica coffee beans.

We have then enhanced these further by letting our own expert artisan roasters work their magic to produce a fantastic selection of coffees that even the most ardent of connoisseurs would find hard to resist. We appreciate that our customers serve coffee in many different ways so all of our coffee is available either in freshly roasted beans, fresh filter coffee and also a range of instant products.

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Based in Glasgow we are the complete hot beverage solution to businesses throughout the country.

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Amano Coffee Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love!!


This beautiful blend is grown in the famous Cerrado region in South West Brazil, an area which is acknowledged for producing some of the finest green coffee beans in the world.

These exceptional beans are then given the final TLC from our artisan roaster to produce a coffee that has a fine, light body, with a mild and typically soft flavour. A terrific example of a genuine classic you must try our Brasiliano blend.



A classic Italian styled rich, bold and full-bodied coffee. A blend of the finest Arabica and Robusta beans that has been medium to dark roasted by our artisan roaster to create a true work of art, unlike many so called Italian coffees this really does encapsulate the unmistakeable taste of Italy. A great after dinner espresso in the true Italian tradition but also cuts through milk well to create a beautiful Latte and Cappuccino. Typical of a great Italian espresso our blend of Italiano produces a wonderful Crema which adds a heaviness and intensity to this heavenly coffee.

Bevanda Del Diavolo - Decaf

"The Devils Beverage" as it is normally known to us coffee drinkers in need of a caffeine fix.

This blend of decaffeinated coffee has surpassed even our expectations; it tastes so good that you would not know that it was a Decaf coffee. This is without a doubt one of the finest cups of coffee we have tasted that does not have our usual Amano caffeine kick in it, very similar in taste to our Colombiano blend... I honestly don't know how they've managed it.



Our Colombian coffee is grown at high altitudes and has been selected by us as it is without a doubt one of the finest blends on offer anywhere in the world. Grown in prime conditions in this unique location where the Andes mountains stretch into southern Colombia, an area of majestic beauty but more importantly an area and climate perfect for producing a distinctive rich tasting coffee. This coffee has been carefully and mildly roasted by our artisan roaster to produce a coffee that is full-bodied and perfectly balanced in the cup. We are certain that you will love the delicious nutty and caramel flavour that this coffee produces and it's beautiful lingering aroma will provide you with moments to be cherished.

Colombiano - Vending Coffee

The instant equivalent of our beautiful Colombiano blend, this coffee has been slow roasted and then freeze dried to give an espresso like flavour, very good for an instant product for those of who use vending machines.

100% Pure Colombian Freeze Dried Coffee. 300g packs.